Club Rules

  1. The Ohio HOPRA State Series strives to align its club rules very closely with the latest HOPRA rulebook that is in effect for the next scheduled HOPRA Nationals in order to prepare its racers for national competition for HOPRA national racing classes.

  2. The Ohio HOPRA State Series may also enact club rules that deviate slightly from the HOPRA  rulebook in order to benefit series racers, guests, and to enhance racing events.

  3. The Ohio HOPRA State Series club rules take precedence over HOPRA rules at series racing events. However, guests and visitors from other racing clubs that are also aligned with the HOPRA rulebook should be comfortable fielding cars for the HOPRA aligned series race classes with very minor or no modifications. Contact a series member if you have any questions. 

  4. Club rules exceptions and modifications may be required during the season or during individual races. All such changes will be voted on by all series racers present and will be documented, with a simple majority of members required to allow the change to take effect for a specified time frame.

  5. Download our complete club rules.

Special thanks to the HOPRA national organization for its recognition of the Ohio HOPRA State Series, its racers, and OhioHORacing.com.