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2024 HOPRA National Rulebook
2024 Northern Ohio HOPRA Club Rulebook
​Racing Rules

  1. The Ohio State Series rules are aligned with the latest HOPRA rulebook.

  2. Ohio State Series racers must be HOPRA members. Membership may be obtained or renewed at any of our racing events.

  3. The Ohio State Series adds club-level rules on top of the HOPRA rules to meet the needs of Ohio State Series racers, race hosts, and to meet overall club objectives.

  4. Club-level rules only affect the conduct of racing within the Ohio State Series and do not change or modify the legality of car classes, technical specifications, authorized parts, or rules that could negatively impact Ohio State Series drivers' ability to compete at the HOPRA national level.

  5. The Ohio State Series club-level rules take precedence over HOPRA rules at series racing events. Contact one of our club facilitators if you have any questions. 

  6. Club-level rule exceptions and modifications may be needed during the race season or during individual race events. All such changes will be managed in accordance with the Ohio State Series rulebook.

Special thanks to the HOPRA national organization for its recognition of our slot car racing club, our racers, and

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