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Big Bob's Blue HO Slot Car Bodies



  • Blue HO slot car bodies

  • Mostly blue HO slot car bodies

  • Non-blue HO slot car bodies repainted blue

  • Blue paint for DIY blue HO slot car bodies

  • Custom blue tinted eyeglasses to make all of your HO slot cars look blue

Contact Me: 1-555-378-3091

Blue Bodies I Sell

Non-Blue Bodies I Sell

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Pete's HO Slot Car Racing Hats



  • These are the hats the race winners wear

  • Can be color matched with Big Bob's slot car bodies (blue only)

  • Machine washable

  • Can absorb about 1.7 quarts of head sweat

  • Made from 100% recycled cloth diapers

Contact Me: 1-555-237-8877

My Racing Hats

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